4 Key Advantages for Video Marketing on Instagram vs. Vine

Which is the better choice for marketers looking to incorporate video into their efforts: Facebook-owned Instagram, or its Twitter counterpart, Vine?

  1. Instagram has more users: With more than 300 million users, one-half of whom joined over the past year, Instagram is the fastest-growing social network, whereas Vine has 40 million users. More important, Vine’s growth slowed after Instagram introduced video.
  2. Instagram has filters: The beautiful and unique filters are what really set Instagram apart from other social media platforms. Not only can you share content on Instagram, but you can also create stunning images and video that is visually appealing and leads to more engagement.
  3. Instagram is owned by Facebook, Vine by Twitter: Not only does Instagram have a larger audience, it is also owned by Facebook, which has a much larger audience than Vine’s owner, Twitter. As of the end of 2014, Facebook had 1.39 billion monthly active users, five times more than Twitter’s 232 million. In terms of these numbers, you will reach many more customers through Instagram than Vine.
  4. You can do a lot more in 15 seconds than six: Although it’s easy to fall on your butt in a six-second Vine video, it’s pretty hard to create a meaningful marketing message in that amount of time. Instagram’s 15-second maximum is much more generous, and allows you to show more content.