Why Content Marketing Isn’t Dead

The Rise of Video – Or Why Content Marketing Isn’t Dead


The Rise of Video
Research shows only 25% of people will read an entire online article. In fact, 55% of people spend fewer than 15 seconds on a page.

But most will watch an entire video to the end.

Did you know that video is expected to account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017? People love video, more than any other form of content. In fact, YouTube users upload 65 hours of video every minute, and watch 4,250,000,000 hours of videos every day!


Is Content Marketing Dead?

Content marketers love writing articles, case studies, posts, and eBooks. These are all great ways to establish your expertise in your field. But if consumers won’t finish reading an article, they certainly won’t finish a longer case study.

This is why there’s been so much buzz lately on why content marketing is dead.

Content marketing is a great marketing tactic. It adds value, builds a brands image, and engages customers. Content allows you to communicate your message, and tell your own story.

But video is still content, right?


Maybe the Problem Isn’t Your Content – It’s Your Delivery

If no one is going to read your content, isn’t it time to switch the medium? Maybe the problem isn’t your content, it’s just the delivery system.

Today, people are digesting information in different ways. The Head of EA’s mobile division, Frank Gibeau, states the iPhone 6 has an improved processor that is “on par” with the Xbox One and PS4. While the graphics aren’t quite as good as game consoles (yet!), users can easily enjoy videos on mobile devices.

Plus, there are more than twice as many mobile phones than there are computers. The average personchecks their cell phones 110 times each day, or 10 times every hour. It’s not surprising that mobile devices have changed consumer behavior. Who wants to read an article on their phone?

But users can now watch high-quality video anywhere, at any time. This is a game-changer for anyone who creates online content.


Not All Video is Created Equal

As part of your content marketing strategy, start creating videos. You can make video hacks, tricks, interviews or simple how-to’s. Just be sure to add value when creating video content, and don’t just create a video sales pitch.

Because video promotions aren’t the same as video content.

Focus on creating video content that adds value (whether entertainment or educational) and you will establish your brand’s expertise. No one wants to sit through commercials or promotions – unless they are forced.

Try to tell a story when you’re crafting your video content. People are attracted to content they can relate to, and empathize with. A recent study from John Hopkins found that storytelling is the best way to engage consumers. Engaging stories actually beat both humor and sexy content!


You Don’t Have to Be Spielberg

The world’s most popular YouTuber makes $4 million a year and has more than 27.8 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He’s in the gaming niche and doesn’t create the most professional videos. But that’s not the point. The point is he’s engaging his followers on a platform they want to watch.

YouTube is free to use, and you can create your own channel. One of the best things about YouTube is any video can be embedded into your website. Users don’t have to switch over to YouTube to watch your videos, but can watch directly from your site.

iMovie for Macs is great desk-top video publishing software from Apple. Microsoft has Windows Movie Maker 12 for videos and movie. Your goal is not to try to be the next Spielberg, but create engaging videos. Derek Halpern, from Social Triggers, is famous for his videos. He’s a bit over-the-top, but he’s entertaining. His videos always provide valuable information, in a unique way. Halpern still writes content, but his followers look forward to his videos.


Content Isn’t Dead – But Video is King

No one wants to spend hours writing a beautiful article, only to have 25% readers finish it. You can always improve your written content and create better articles and posts. But right now video is the preferred media on the Internet. So give users what they want.

Written content will never truly be dead. But it’s certainly undergoing a transformation. You don’t have to stop writing valuable content, but try adding video content and see if your engagement increases.

Because right now, video is king.